Cheap Eats: Hongdae Ice Cream Waffle Shack

As seen in my tour of Noryangjin, ice cream waffles are a pretty hot street food item. Especially during a nice day, I can’t resist getting one. The best ice cream waffles I know of are located in Hongdae, right next to the playground and the front of the campus.This place may be a tad hard to find as it doesn’t have a name, but if you go to the main entrance of Hongdae, it will be west of it. This place has by far the best ice cream waffles I’ve ever had.

Hongdae Ice cream Waffle  Shack Map

Hongdae Ice Cream Waffle Shack
A small shack with long lines for delicious ice cream waffles. You can see the main entrance of Hongik University in the background.
Hongdae Ice Cream Waffle  Prices
Seriously cheap waffles at 1000 won. It’s been that way for at least 4 years.

They offer two types of waffles, pie and ice. The ice waffle is the one with ice cream and I never bothered to get the pie waffle. I think the pie waffle only has whipped cream, but I could be wrong. I’m perfectly content with the ice waffle though. Both are 1000 won offering not only the best waffles, but the best valued ones as well!

Hongdae Ice Cream Waffle flavors
5 awesome flavors in one hot, fresh waffle.

Hongdae Ice Cream Waffle Up close

Ice Cream Waffle Hongdae Shack 2
The order isn’t always consistent.

The thing I like about this place is the waffles are always warm and fresh and the ice cream has a nice variety. Other places make a lot of waffles in advanced and they just become too crispy and cold. This place is always consistent and there’s just an amazing harmony between the hot waffle with the ice cream. There are roughly 6 scoops, 3 of them Neapolitan and 3 more fruity variants (1 of them being taro I think). I think vanilla is repeated twice. There’s always something for everybody with this waffle place!

I hope you enjoy this place as much as I have. It’s been one of my favorite spots for 5 years and hopefully more to come!





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