Cafes in Seoul: Cafe Unplugged (A Cafe for Indie Lovers!)

Looking for that unique cafe to satisfy that inner indie musician? I just had to write about this cool cafe catering to indie musicians in Hongdae (홍대) after stopping by for a little bit! Most cafes are too commercialized and not really worth talking about, but Cafe Unplugged was an exception. They even have their own dog! It’s located a tad far from the Hongdae University station, but can be found with a little perseverance. The address is 마포구 서교동 326-18 for those who need a bit more guidance.

Unplugged Cafe MapUnplugged Front EntranceThe cafe serves as a mix of cafe, bar, and music rehearsal area. They have guitars and ukuleles mounted on the wall that can be played for free, along with other instruments. There’s even a basement that serves as a studio and they even have performances on certain days as well!

Unplugged Inside


Unplugged Instruments
You can play anything!

What really attracting me to this place was the passion people put into improving their craft. They people there were so focused and looked like they were enjoying their time there. I’ve never experienced such a haven for musicians before. I really felt like I was in the midst of something special; something with its own unique and raw culture, unadulterated by commercialization found so commonly in Korea.

Unplugged Dog
The cafe’s golden retriever!

Another very liberal thing about this cafe is that they have a rather large golden retriever. I love large dogs and understand that most Koreans are afraid of them, but their dog is very mellow and fairly well behaved. However, he is a little mischievous and he might try to steal food so you shouldn’t leave it unattended!

I know it’s a little bit of an oddity for me to be posting about a cafe without showing any of its drinks or food, but I just had to share this little gem! I’ll be sure to visit there again and see how their menu stacks up. Of course, the food would only be an auxiliary reason for going and I hope it doesn’t prevent you from enjoying this unique establishment and I really hope you like this place as much as I did!


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