Restaurants in Seoul: Yeti (예티) Indian Nepal Restaurant and Bar

I had massive Indian cravings so I went with my friend to Yeti (예티) to try and satisfy them. I was craving chicken tikka masala, which admittedly is one of the most typical things you can have at an Indian restaurant. Little did I know just how untypical Yeti would turn out to be! Getting to Yeti might prove to be a challenge if you’re not familiar with the Hongdae area, so I’ve written down the address to aid you. It’s located in an alley, but you should be able to see the large neon signs. It’s located on the second floor.

서울특별시 마포구 서교동 360-22 2층

Yeti Map

Yeti 예티 Restaurant
Hard to miss with the flashy signs.

The atmosphere of Yeti is quite dark and relaxing.They have normal seating and floor seating. I highly recommend the floor seating as they had the floor heaters on and large cushions to relax. We especially loved the floor heaters as they warmed our feet up from the cold winter air. The ambient lighting is basically nil over there and you have one small candle to light your table. I really didn’t want to leave the restaurant because it was so relaxing.

Yeti Indian Restaurant Seated Area

Yeti Indian Restaurant Bar and Floor Seating Area

This is about how dark it was to the human eye.
This is about how dark it was to the human eye.

Yeti Indian Restaurant Utensils

Yeti Indian Restaurant cushions
These cushions were amazingly comfy.

There was a hookah smell as you can smoke there as well. Normally this is a turn off for me as a nonsmoker, but I was really desperate for Indian food. It’s not as invasive as tobacco smoke, and I didn’t notice it after a few minutes. Luckily, no one was smoking during the time we were eating there.

Yeti Indian Restaurant Hookah
10,000 won
Yeti Indian Restaurant Bollywood Videos
It’s not really an Indian restaurant without Bollywood music videos.

We ended up ordering a set menu, but you can order ala carte as well. I believe we ordered Set B for 35,000 won. We had a choice of two drinks, salad, Indian Samosas (dumpling), a dish of prawns and tandoori chicken, and of course chicken tikka masala and naan (Indian flat bread).


Yeti Indian Restaurant Mango LassiWe had the mango lassi and the milk tea. The lassi was a little too mild and didn’t have the tangy yogurt taste, but the milk tea was absolutely delicious. A little bit bold with a good balance of milk. They also used real tea leaves which you won’t find at typical milk tea shops. I dare say it is one of the best milk teas I’ve ever had.

Yeti Indian Restaurant Milk Tea
Milk TeaYeti Indian Restaurant Milk Tea

Real Tea!


Yeti Indian Restaurant SaladNot much to say other than it was fresh and bright. A little bit sweet from the dressing, but overall very subtle and overstated. It was a reasonably pretty looking salad.


Yeti Indian Restaurant SamosaYeti Indian Restaurant Samosa InsideThe samosas are seasoned with a nicely spiced inside mainly composed of mostly potatoes in the inside. The outer crust is similar to a pie and it comes with a spicy dipping sauce. The flavors were really good and the texture of the wrap mixed nicely with the firm, but soft potatoes inside.

Grilled Prawns and Tandoori Chicken

Yeti Indian Restaurant Tandoori Chicken and Prawns

Yes, this dish is as amazing as it looks. Everything was perfect and the presentation was nice as well. The orange garnish is actually onion, not carrot.

Yeti Indian Restaurant Prawn

Yeti Indian Restaurant Prawns inside

The prawns were huge and were cooked perfectly. The were slightly dehydrated from the baking which gave them a nice texture. The flavor was subtle and not overbearing which is how most shrimp like animals taste like.

Yeti Indian Restaurant tandoori chicken drumstick

The tandoori chicken was equally amazing. It was very moist and had so much flavor from all the spices rubbed onto it. It’s literally that red in person. The spices seep all the way to the meat under the chicken!

Yeti Tandoori Chicken under the skin
The meat under the skin it is still very orange from the rub.

Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan and Rice

Yeti Indian Restaurant Chicken Tikka MasalaThe chicken tikka masala was served with Indian long rice infused with saffron. The chicken tikka masala was a different kind from the one I was craving for, but it was still very good. Their chicken tikka masala had a more tomato-based flavor and the chicken was extremely moist and not dried out like most places. They really made their chicken dishes very well. The dish lacked the spice flavor that I was hoping for though, but I was still very happy with this dish. _MG_7486

The naan sort of resembled a pizza and was the softest, most bread-like naan I’ve ever had. There was a nice chewy, glutinous texture. It was simply delicious and there were no burn marks at all. They really have their naan making to a science. The best part is, the naan had free refills!

Yeti fits the bill for excellent Indian food. I don’t think I’ve eaten anything quite as well executed in the states in regards to Indian food. All the main dishes were absolutely exquisite with a meticulous attention to detail. The price is not so bad either when you divide the set between two people. I just wish there wasn’t any hookah as I don’t feel comfortable in that environment. I will be sure to come to this place more often!



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