Restaurants in Hongdae: N Thai (엔타이)

Looking around for something different to eat around the ubiquitous Hongdae (홍대) area, I stumbled across N Thai (엔타이), who enticed me with their lunch specials. I never tried Thai food in Korea, so I figured it was about time to see how it was served in another country. It’s usually fairly rare to see a Thai restaurant, but the lunch deal seemed too good to pass up. You can access it easily by going out of exit 9 of Hongdae Station (홍대입구역) and going into the building right on the left. 

The address is 서울특별시마포구 동교동 165-8 LG팰리스빌딩 1층

N Thai 엔타이 Map
The building is right in front of Hongdae Station exit 9.
N Thai 엔타이 Entrance
You can access the restaurant in the inside of the building.
N Thai 엔타이 Lunch Specials
Pretty nice selection of specials to try out.

N Thai 엔타이 InteriorThe restaurant was quite clean and nicely designed. It was a bit strange to see chopsticks at a Thai restaurant, but I understand that they had to Koreanize it a bit. They served a nice ice tea that was very fragrant. I’m not sure what it was though.

N Thai 엔타이 Chopsticks
A bit foreign to me.

N Thai 엔타이 Tea


The menu had all the familiar staples that I’m used to seeing and some quirky ones, such as a crunch bun. I was please to see that they had curry, which I would like to try next time. It was a bit curious to see so many different variations of pad thai though.

새우팟타이 (Shrimp Pad Thai) – 6500 won (lunch price)N Thai 엔타이 Pad Thai full dishChose one of the more generic dishes, but it certainly looked pleasant with the typical ingredients I’m used to seeing. It was a bit strange to see two different kinds of shrimp, dried and a fresher variety. I can’t say it was detrimental to the overall meal, but it certainly was strange to have two different types of textures in such a manner.
N Thai 엔타이 Pad Thai Close UpThe noodles were nice and chewy, and there were hints of tamarind flavor, but it was slightly overpowered by spice. While different from what I’m used to, I still enjoyed it. The portion was quite reasonable and there was a nice number of shrimp.

My first foray into N Thai was very positive and I’m definitely keen on going again to try some of their other dishes. While I’ve never had Thai food in Thailand, it taste very similar to what I’ve experienced in the states. While I haven’t tried much of the menu at all, I can recommend it base on what I’ve had so far.


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