Restaurants in Korea: 미사리 밀빛 초계국수 (Misari Milbit Chogyeguksu)

After riding tandem bicycles with the visually impaired for Seoul Bean at Paldang Dam (팔당댐), we went to eat 초계국수 (chogyeguksu) at 미사리 밀빛 초계국수 (Misari Milbit Chogyeguksu). I heard it was a specialty in the area, so I was pretty excited to try it. This particular restaurant is a chain restaurant, which seems to have recently taken over a more locally owned brand 바뎅이선국수. They have locations throughout Seoul as well. The address to this particular location is here: 경기도 남양주시 와부읍 팔당리 79-6.

Misari Milbit chogyeguksu 미사리 밀빛 초계국수 Store front


Misari Milbit chogyeguksu 미사리 밀빛 초계국수 Interior
Clean eating space with plenty of seating. (2F)

This particular restaurant has two floors and was quite busy when we came in. The seating is clean and comfortable to eat it, but the A/C made the experience a bit unpleasant, which I will explain later.

Misari Milbit chogyeguksu 미사리 밀빛 초계국수 Menu
Very simple menu.
Misari Milbit chogyeguksu 미사리 밀빛 초계국수 Kimchi
The kimchi is a bit on the spicier side.

Buckwheat Dumplings (메밀왕만두) – 4 for 5000 won

Misari Milbit chogyeguksu 미사리 밀빛 초계국수 모밀 만두1

Each dumpling is fairly large and you can taste the subtle difference between buckwheat dumplings and regular flour types. However, the filling is pretty much the same, so it doesn’t make quite a crucial difference. If you like dumplings, you’ll like this, but if you don’t, it won’t change anything.

Misari Milbit chogyeguksu 미사리 밀빛 초계국수 모밀만두
Typical filling of veggies, meat and cellophane noodles.

Cold Chicken Noodle Soup (초계국수) – 7000 won

Misari Milbit chogyeguksu 미사리 밀빛 초계국수 초계국수

The dish comes with parboiled chicken, radishes, and white kimchi. They give you a lot of noodles and only one other person besides me was able to finish it. It does come ice cold, which wouldn’t have been a problem if the A/C weren’t so cold. The day was so perfect for eating such a dish, but I just gradually got more turned off of it as the A/C AND the noodles were cooling my core down to excessively cold temperatures. In the same environment, I think I would’ve like the dish to come out hot. I really couldn’t enjoy it like I wanted to.

Misari Milbit chogyeguksu 미사리 밀빛 초계국수 Close Up

The noodles are the skinny type, but they had a nice firm and chewy texture. The broth had that somewhat typical sour flavor like in Naengmyeon. It was such a shame as I definitely would’ve liked this dish a lot more if it were warmer.

I was somewhat let down by the experience, but the overall quality of everything seemed decent. It’s quite affordable and a great deal for the money. I might be the oddball out as many people were eating there. Give it a shot if you’re in the area!


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