1600 Pandas: An Epic Pandamic

With the gigantic rubber ducky having said goodbye to Seoul for quite a while now, the city has been a bit lonely without any animals made by artist these days. Luckily though, Seoul will be home to 1600 paper mache pandas, as a campaign to raise awareness on how many actual pandas are left in the wild. You have until the end of July to see them! You can click here to check out the main site.

Simply head out of exit 2 Jamsil Station (잠실역) and head south, make a left before the lake, and you’ll see it towards the left near the lawn area.

Panda 1600 Map
Naver’s map is outdated, but this is the general area where the pandas are.

I was a bit bummed out to find out about this exhibition only until much later, when they weren’t being displayed in more interesting locations throughout Seoul. But hey, at least I got to check it out!

Panda 1600 Exhibit-1
As you head out of exit 2, you’ll see some banners advertising the event.
Panda 1600 Exhibit-2
There will be signs to direct you as you draw nearer!

I ended up getting there pretty early. The workers were busy taking all the pandas out from their “cages” and putting them on display.

Panda 1600 Exhibit-8
These aren’t cage free pandas…:(
Panda 1600 Exhibit-4
Just like how they help them out in the zoo?
Panda 1600 Exhibit-6
Playing dead?
Panda 1600 Exhibit-5
They do advise you to stay off of their natural habitat and not to disturb the animals.
Panda 1600 Exhibit-3
In deep conversation, talking about the pressing pandamic.
Panda 1600 Exhibit-7
Some playing some sort of game.
Panda 1600 Exhibit-9
They had a couple of benches so you could take photos in front of the pandas.
Panda 1600 Exhibit-10
There were some gigantic pandas as well!
Panda 1600 Exhibit-12
Super tiny ones as well.
Panda 1600 Exhibit-13
Panda 1600 Exhibit-14
Was tempted to take this one home.
Panda 1600 Exhibit-16
Some were actually eating bamboo.
Panda 1600 Exhibit-17
Others were trying out cheerleading.

They did have a couple of pop-up stores that sold merchandise, including stuffed animals. There is actually an adoption event to win one of the paper mache pandas that ends on the 14th as well. The proceeds will be used for the organization.

Panda 1600 Exhibit-18
Panda Pop-Up Store

Overall, it was quite a nice event. It’s always fun to see cute art displays that bring a lot of people together. While this “pandamic” will eventually pass, we can always hope that there will be similar events in the near future for us to enjoy!


Author: Ryan Mar

Just a guy simply making the most with life abroad. Love travel, photography, food, and just enjoying life. Currently blogging about beautiful places in Seoul, Korea, along with food, culture, and observations at findingtheseoul.com.

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