Cheap Eats in Seoul: 삘꼬치네 (Chicken Skewers)

One common street food that’s not really talked about is chicken skewers (닭꼬치). The quality really varies with the place you go to, but one of the best is hands down 삘꼬치네 nestled in Hongdae’s streets that specializes in small food stalls. One walk down this street and you’ll usually see much more people lined up here than any other place and with good reason. 삘꼬치네 is kind of a play on words with the phrase “필 꽂치다” which roughly translates to “to be attracted to” and this place lives up to its name. You can find this place by heading out of exit 9 towards the street that leads to Hongik University and crossing the street towards the food stall alley.


삘꼬치네 stall
A small gem on this street of food stalls.



삘꼬치네 Menu

The menu is simple. They only serve chicken skewers in 4 flavors, mild bbq, spicy bbq, teriyaki bbq, and seasoned, 2 of which I have tried. Unfortunately, the prices have jumped up to 2,500 since I last too these pics, but it’s still worth a try! Lately, a lot of things have been increasing in price as I think we’re facing a little inflation. 😦

Mild BBQ (수한맛 바베큐)

삘꼬치네 chicken skewer 2

The size of the chicken bits is on the higher end of the spectrum and the flavors are just amazing. I think they put a little mayo and mustard powder on it after being grilled to perfection.

삘꼬치네 chicken skewer 1
That amazing browning of the chicken!

The flavors are out of this world and the chicken is so crispy and juicy. You do need to be careful as it come out extremely hot, but it’s so worth risking a burn. The sauce can also drip quite a bit as well. Definitely give this place a shot when you’re in the area!


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