Seoul Cheap Eats: Mariwhale Macaron (마리웨일 마카롱)

Anyone looking to get their macaron fix should try Mariwhale Macaron. I came across this little store straight in front of exit 5 of the Hongdae University Station (홍댕역). It’s on the 2nd floor. These bite sized pieces of happiness typically go for quite a bit of money, but this place charges a comparatively reasonable 900 won per a macaron!

Mariwhale Macaron Map

Mariwhale Hongdae Storefront

Mariwhale Macaron Entrance

Mariwhale Macaron Menu
The Menu

The flavors are a bit lacking in creativity, and I was a bit disappointed they didn’t have pistachio or earl grey. However, there are a bunch of other flavors that should please you. The cafe drinks seem pretty reasonable, but don’t expect any space to eat. It’s pretty much all takeout here. They have these interesting long macarons called “Marirons” that I’m very curious to try as well!

Mariwhale Macarons Displayed 2

Mariwhale Large Macarons


Mariwhale Macaron Interior

Mariwhale Kitchen
It appears they make them in house.


Mariwhale Macaron Mint and Green tea
Green tea and mint.

1st Visit: The macarons are pretty decent. The outer shells were a tad too hard, but it was tolerable. I think I was supposed to let them thaw out a tad from being in the fridge too long? I remember seeing ovens in the back, so I was under the impression that they made them fresh;but I’ll have to check again to verify.

Mariwhale Macaron crisp test
Nice and chewy centers with a nice sweetness. The outer shells were a bit too hard, but tolerable.
Mariwhale Macarons 4
Left to right: Orange, Honey Lemon, Mango, and Green Tea.

2nd Visit:

This time I ended up getting the Orange, Honey Lemon, Mango, and Green Tea.This time the macarons were a bit on the softer, almost undone. The cookies were a tad sticky. The one that stood out was the Honey Lemon as it had a really interesting flavor.

Check out this page to find more locations in Seoul!




Author: Ryan Mar

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2 thoughts on “Seoul Cheap Eats: Mariwhale Macaron (마리웨일 마카롱)”

    1. While they may not serve the best macarons I’ve had, they’re a very good value. They’re definitely not bad macarons and they’re better than some of the more expensive ones I’ve encountered. They have more fruity flavors, while I’m more into dull flavors like earl grey and pistachio which is the main reason why it’s not my number 1. I do recommend this place and have gone here more than once. If you have any suggestions for other macarons let me know! Thanks for visiting!


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