Seoul Photos: Sogang University (서강대학교)

Was walking to Sinchon University (신촌역) after stuffing my face with the most delicious dumplings from Mapo Mandu (마포 만두), when we came across Sogang University (성강대학교). Usually the gates close at night, but perhaps they left them open because of midterms. I was actually interested in going to this university because of their highly regarded Korean language program, so decided to take the opportunity to explore and shoot a little bit there. It was a very interesting campus, a lot of really old buildings juxtaposed with a couple of really new buildings.

Seogang University Clock
Very interesting atmosphere.

I unfortunately didn’t have a whole lot of time to shoot, but really enjoyed looking at some of the beautification efforts they made. There were light posts with the lamp section in the guise of an albatross. It was really unique and the wings changed colors with multicolored LEDs.  Really nice atmosphere!

Seogang obelisk
This cool obelisk is located at the front gate. Feels very spiritual here.

I especially liked this obelisk statue near the front gate. It had a really awe inspiring presence. There seemed to be a lot of places to eat near the university, so I’ll be sure to check this place out again and take more pictures ! 😉


Author: Ryan Mar

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