Chicken Restaurants in Hongdae: 치킨앤 카레군(Chicken and Curry Goon)

Would always pass by this unassuming chicken joint and assumed it was just like all the other fried chicken shops. Granted, Korean fried chicken is amazing, but I’m not the type to eat it on a daily basis. It’s also very hard to find a chicken that clearly outshines the rest because the industry here is so well developed, so I wasn’t going to risk clogging my arteries for just any fried chicken.

Despite all this, my friend and I were in desperate need for a little snack before dinner, so we ended up giving this place a try. Little could have prepared me for how perfect their chicken and french fries would turn out to be.

You can find this place going out of exit 9 of Hongdae Station and following the map. Chicken and Curry Goon Map

Chicken and Curry Goon Entrance

MenuChicken and Curry Goon Lunch menuThe place appears to be your average fried chicken pub with a selection of drinks and fried entrees to make your arteries beg for mercy. They had a curry rice lunch special which seemed a little out of place from the rest of the menu, but I guess they just wanted to stay true to their namesake.Chicken and Curry Goon Menu 2 Chicken and Curry Goon Menu 1

Chicken and Cream Goon (치킨앤 크림군) – 16,800 wonChicken and Curry Goon CreamWe decided to go with one of the simpler dishes to save room for dinner, but were bombarded with a plethora of chicken and fries. There was definitely enough to feed two people, but the detail of the chicken and fries was most surprising. The fried chicken has some sort of curry rub that gave the chicken a bolder flavor than most fried chicken, albeit you couldn’t really taste curry per se. Each bite had a satisfying, subtle crisp with the meat being extremely moist and tender. I was so caught up in the chicken that I couldn’t take ample pictures to demonstrate. This is hands down probably one of the best plain fried chickens I’ve ever had in terms of textures. It’s just so natural tasting without being overly doctored up.

Chicken and Curry Goon Close UpEqually satisfying were the french fries. Each fry had a satisfying crispy outer shell with just the right texture of potato inside. It was fluffy and tasted like eating a tiny mashed potato. One thing that was lacking was seasoning, but I tend to like more natural spuds anyway. I felt less guilty eating these as they didn’t taste greasy at all. The provided cream on the other hand was quite unnecessary and didn’t really add to the dish in my opinion. In fact, this was one of the rare times I didn’t need the ubiquitous ketchup to compliment fried food. That’s really saying something to how much I enjoyed this.

I was thoroughly impressed by the combination of textures and flavors and will probably go here again to try the potato chips. It just goes to show that some unknown places are always going to be lurking underneath your radar, waiting for you to discover their charms.


Author: Ryan Mar

Just a guy simply making the most with life abroad. Love travel, photography, food, and just enjoying life. Currently blogging about beautiful places in Seoul, Korea, along with food, culture, and observations at

One thought on “Chicken Restaurants in Hongdae: 치킨앤 카레군(Chicken and Curry Goon)”

  1. I went there several times during my stay and it was my favorite! My housemates loved it too.

    The only thing is they have a spicy item on their menu. We ordered it ONCE and thought it was the spiciest thing we’ve ever eaten.

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