Paldang Dam (팔당댐): A Beautiful Countryside Bike Ride Area

Went to another Seoul Bean event riding tandem bikes with the visually impaired. Since it was the last event of the season the center decided to take a bus to the beautiful Paldang Dam (팔당유원지) area! It was a very beautiful route through forests and tunnels, so different from riding on the Han River. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures while riding, but we did make some stops in some very interesting areas!

Paldang Map
Pretty much our route, but the road goes much, much further.

If this place is too far to ride to, you can also take the 경의중앙 line to Paldang Station (팔당역). The bicycle path itself is pretty mellow with the route being rather narrow. I don’t advise going here for a training ride, but if you want to go for a nice scenic ride, this place is perfect. Some people mash their pedals rather hard, but again, I think it’s pretty reckless here. Just be careful not to stop suddenly or make abrupt movements to one side and you should be fine! The bike path also intersects with streets, so make sure to cross safely. Nung Nae Station (능내역) Nung Nae Station 능내 Our first stop was Nung Nae Station (능내역), a now defunct train station, serving as a rest area and cafe. The inside has been turned into a sort of museum display of vintage photographs and more recent photographs made to look like they were taken in the same era. You can really get an idea of what old train stations back in the day used to look like! Nung Nae Station 능내 Picture 1

Nung Nae Station 능내 Picture 2
There are a bunch of photographs like these, some obviously taken rather recently.
Nung Nae Station 능내 Benches
Tons of benches to rest at, along with some places to eat.
Nung Nae Station 능내 Mail Box
An “old” mailbox.
Nung Nae Station 능내 Cafe Car
This train car was retrofitted into a cafe.

Bukhangang Bridge (북한강 철교) Bukhangang Bridge Sign Afterwards, we rode a few more kilometers north to the Bukhangang Bridge (북한강철교) where you can see a beautiful view of forest covered mountains and the beautiful sapphire blue water of the river. The water was some of the richest blue I have ever seen, and the sky was particular nice that day!

Bukhanggang Bridge Structure.

The bridge itself was pretty interesting as there were glass cutouts on the ground where you can see the water and whatever else is below the bridge.

It was a ridiculously beautiful day!

Needless to say it was a pretty perfect day in a perfect area. We wrapped it up by eating a cold chicken noodle soup (초계국수) which is a specialty of the area. I’ll cover that in a later post! Be sure to check out this spot on the weekend if you like scenic destinations. Have any other nice bicycle routes to suggest? Leave a comment below!


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