Seoul Cheap Eats: Pizza School (피자스쿨)

Looking for cheap pizza but don’t have a Costco nearby? Pizza School (피자스쿨)  may be your salvation in a land notorious for expensive pizzas. They may not be nearly as good as Costco, but they’ve been a long time staple for people like me who don’t want to spend a premium on pizza. To get an idea, you can get a reasonably large 12″ whole cheese pizza for only 5000 won! There are locations all over Korea, so check out their store locator for a location near you!

Pizza School Hongdae
Two locations near Hongdae Station (홍대입구역)!
Pizza School 피자스쿨 Interior
Typical theme for their franchise. Lots of shiny yellow things.

Embarrassing fact:I used to think this place was a school for making pizza.

You can choose to eat at the location or more commonly take out. Most locations I’ve been to our fairly comfortable. Unfortunately, they don’t do delivery which is how they can keep their prices as low as they are.


Pizza School Updated Menu
Pizza Menu

They have quite a few more choices than Costco, but the pictures are extremely might be a little misleading in some cases as they don’t give you nearly as many toppings. I ordered the bulgogi pizza one time only to find that they don’t nearly give you as much as in the picture. However, some of them are fairly accurate as I ordered the carbone pizza which looked a lot more like the picture.

Pizza School Box
The pizza comes fresh in a box for you to take home.

Some of the pros of Pizza School besides its cheap prices are they make everything to order and their base product (cheese pizza) is actually fairly decent. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare as well! It has a reasonable amount of cheese and tastes reasonably okay. The tomato sauce is somewhat bare, but pleasantly refreshing. The slices are on the thinner side with the crust being plain in a delicious way.

Pizza School Thinness
Fairly thin pizza (Carbone). It gives the toppings more priority.


Cheese Pizza – 5000 won

Pizza School BulgogiThe Pizza School staple at only 5000 won. There is ample cheese and a corn kernel here and there. Not the prettiest pizza around, but it satisfies the need if it comes.

Bulgogi Pizza – 7000 won

Pizza School CheeseQuite a disappointment for an extra 2000 won you basically get small tiny bits of peppers and beef. To be honest the flavor is okay, and my philosophy is even bad pizza tastes good. Just don’t expect any miracles out of this one. I don’t recommend this one.

Carbone Pizza (까르보네 피자) – 9000 won

Pizza School Carbone Pizza
Carbone Pizza: Spaghetti and cream sauce over a regular pizza topped with ham.

This one looks pretty much exactly like the menu. Once you open the box, you can smell the very fragrant cream sauce. It’s a very interesting pizza because there is a little bit of spaghetti mixed with a tangy cream sauce. The ham slices are pretty generous, and they add a little texture more so than taste. It’s a very enjoyable pizza though!

Pizza School Carbone Close up SPaghetti

Pizza School may be a mixed bag, but it offers a decent product at a great price making it a blessing for broke people like me. If you have any other amazing tips to share, leave them in the comments and always feel free to check out all the other food I have come across here!


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