Restaurants in Seoul: 마산아구찜(Masan Agujjim)

Looking to get an introduction into various high-quality Korean dishes in one meal? Look no further and check out 마산아구찜 (Masan Agujjim) near Mapo Station (마포역)! They offer a delicious, well-balanced set menu called 한상차림 (Hansang Charim), albeit there’s no agujjim. The style is similar to Bonjour (봉주르), but the dishes are fixed and more diverse. Not sure if they give out free refills for their entrees either (I was too full anyway). You can access it by going out of Mapo Station (마포역) exit 3 and getting on the street parallel to the sidewalk. After a block or so, it’ll be on the right!

Masan Agujjim Map
Cross over to the street as soon as you see a pathway.

마산아꾸짐 Masan Agujjim entrance


마산아꾸짐 Masan Agujjim Lunch Menu
Lunch Specials: Go to the 2nd floor for the Hansang Charim during lunch.
마산아꾸짐 Masan Agujjim Full Menu
Full menu

Their menu is short and simple. It really hides the fact that they offer you a variety of side dishes though. I’d love to try the agujjim sometime, but for now I’ll be content with the set menu.

마산아구찜 interior
Interior is clean and traditional, with both types of seating.


한상차림(Hansang Charim) – 10,000 won a person (minimum of 2 people)

Masan Agujjim 마산아구찜 Lettuce
Lettuce Wrap with 쌈장 (spicy paste)

I was happy with the set menu as there were a lot of side dishes with a variety of ingredients. I didn’t come across any bad ones either! It was nice to have such a variety of veggies prepared in different sauces. A very great deal in my books!

Masan Agujjim 마산아구찜 random plate appetizer
Sparse, randomly oriented appetizers giving the sense of a high-end restaurant. Somewhat pretentious I must say.
Masan Agujjim 마산아구찜 Kimchi
Kimchi: more on the neutral side.
Masan Agujjim 마산아구찜 Eggplant
Eggplant: Nice texture, not overdone with a little bit of spice. This one was pretty addictive!
Masan Agujjim 마산아구찜 Mushrooms
Mixed mushrooms: nice chewy textures with a umami rich sauce. Another addictive one for me.
Masan Agujjim 마산아구찜 grilled fish
Lightly fried fish: A little bony, but it wasn’t bad.
Masan Agujjim 마산아구찜 오리 duck
Braised(?) Duck: Very delicate and sliced very thinly. Worked well with the lettuce wrap.
Masan Agujjim 마산아구찜 pancakes 파전
Korean Pancake (파전): A bit more vegetables than your typical Korean pancake. Wasn’t greasy like typical ones either.
Masan Agujjim 마산아구찜 된장찌개 fermented soy bean past stew
Fermented soy bean paste stew (된장찌개): very flavorful and not overly salty. A nice appetizer to warm up your body.
Masan Agujjim 마산아구찜 Stir fry spicy chicken 닭볶음탕 general view
Spicy chicken stew (닭도리탕): Very tasty with bright and fresh ingredients.

The main dish was spicy chicken stew (닭도리탕). It wasn’t overly spicy and the chicken pieces were considerable in size. It’s best to make sure you don’t leave the heat on for too long or else you’ll have less sauce to work with. The chicken was ironically a bit disappointing as it was a bit dry and bland. It seems to always happen with dishes of this nature, but what you can do is dip the chicken in sauce to overcome it somewhat. It’s still only a minor issue and I still enjoyed it, especially mixed with rice!

Masan Agujjim 마산아구찜 Stir fry spicy chicken 닭볶음탕A full course meal for a relative low price. Each dish really adds to the experience and makes the overall meal quite pleasant. I highly recommend it for the set menu, and my only regret is that I haven’t been able to try their more premium dishes yet!

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