Sushi Buffet Restaurants in Seoul: 쿠우쿠우 (Qoo Qoo)

As if I hadn’t had enough sushi this week, I went to Qoo Qoo (쿠우쿠우) sushi buffet in the popular Hyehwa area. It’s not as high-end as Todai, but it’s way more affordable. They have multiple chains throughout Korea as well. You can access this location by heading out of Hyehwa Station (혜화역) exit 4, bearing left where Starbucks is and reaching the end of the road. It will be on the second floor.

Qoo Qoo 쿠우쿠우 Map

Prices쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo Prices

The prices are fairly cheap with lunch costing 13,900 won and dinner 16,900 won.


The atmosphere was pretty typical of a sushi buffet restaurant and modern restaurants in general. Everything was very clean with a more modern feel to it. There was plenty of lighting and it felt very bright and welcoming.

쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo front door 쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo food 쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo seating


쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo california rolls
California roll topped with eel.

A good majority of the sushi was California rolls without avocado (because that stuff is more expensive than gold here) topped with random ingredients such as eel, various fried animal pieces, fish, and etc.

쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo California Rolls 3
Topped with a fried shrimp or chicken bit. Have no idea as they all taste and kind of look the same.

I usually associate this kind of sushi as pseudosushi, but it wasn’t so bad in the grand scheme of things. They all tasted rather similar because of their base and frankly, I had a hard time distinguishing the differences. They felt rather monotonous as the meal progressed.

쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo Eel 장어
Eel nigiri besides fake (?) crab nigiri.

They did offer a fair share of nigiri sushi, but frankly speaking only a few of them appealed to me based on looks. The eel nigiri is always a winner, no matter how bad the quality is. This one was no exception. Another surprise was the fake crab meat as it had a much closer consistency to real crab. Truth be told, I couldn’t tell if it was real or fake as my mindset was to just eat large quantities of food mindlessly. Regardless, I enjoyed it.

쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo Omelette crab meat
Omelette (Tamago) nigiri.

I also fairly enjoyed the omelette (tamago) nigiri. It had some terriyaki sauce over it with some other topics. It was sweet and savory.

쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo Sushi salmon Squid
Salmon nigiri along with squid nigiri.

The salmon nigiri wasn’t too bad, it tasted reasonably fresh and wasn’t overly chewy or hard.

쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo Tuna
Octopus and tuna nigiri.

Overall the sushi was satisfying, but nothing to write home about. I generally am not a fan of the quality of sushi from a buffet as it doesn’t have the same care as a place like Byeol Sushi. However, if you’re a fan of sushi buffets, you’ll probably come out quite pleased.

Fried Foods and Miscellaneous

쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo Fried Foods 2
Fried random bits of animal and veggies and one piece of braised pork.

Most of the fried foods were quite dry and unappetizing. Most of them were under heat lamps which dried them out. They had a variety of sauces, including cheddar, which made it easier to eat.

쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo Fried foods

쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo Sausages
A variety of sausages that were on a sausage roller.

There were a variety of sausages on a sausage roller that I was excited to try out. However, they turns out surprisingly cold and dry, which ruined the experience.

쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo Pizza
Vegetarian pizza on a thin crust.

There was a pizza which was surprisingly good. It was very cheesy and light.

쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo Udon
Udon with some tofu bits.

I found the udon interesting as you had to add the soup to prepackaged ingredients. It was almost like instant udon. The noodles unfortunately had the same texture as instant udon. I think the soup wasn’t hot enough which led to this.


쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo waffle creamThe dessert section was surprisingly decent. They had a couple of pastries, but what really made me happy was the fresh waffles. They have a worker making waffles regularly which you can add whip cream or ice cream to. I had 2!

쿠우쿠우 Qoo Qoo Ice Cream

They also had ice cream and fruits. You can add toppings such as mochi and corn flakes to the ice cream. They only had milk flavored ice cream, but I was fine with that. I was very satisfied with the dessert section.

I came out fairly satisfied for a buffet, but I can’t recommend this place to everyone. If you enjoy buffets and are use to their quality, you will most likely be satisfied as well. It didn’t have quite as much of a selection as Todai, but it costs half as much. Like most buffets, there are only so many good things they offer and you’ll most likely just stock up on those.



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