Japanese Restaurants in Seoul: Misoya (미소야)

Ever since coming to Korea 6 or so months ago, I’ve been craving Japanese style noodles more and more. Korean udon (우동) is nice, but it doesn’t have the same taste as Japanese style udon. I believe it’s because of the stock and soy sauce they use. When I entered Misoya, I got very excited because it was highly likely I’d be able to try Japanese style udon. You can find it by going out of Yangjae Station (양재역) exit 5 and hanging a left like on the map. It is to the left of Yangjae Chicken House. There are many other stores around Korea as well.

Misoya Map
Just walk out of exit 5 and hang a left.
Misoya 미소야 Restaurant Storefront
Not a large location. Right next to Yangjae Chicken House (양재닭집)

Misoya 미소야 Menu Table


The menu has an adequate amount of items without going over the top. There aren’t too many udon choices, but they do have your Japanese curries and tonkatsu. They also have a lot of Korean influenced dishes. I was a bit sad that I couldn’t have soba (buckwheat noodle) in hot soup, but it is what it is. I definitely want to try the bulgogi udon next time!

Misoya Signature Udon (사누끼우동) – 4500 won

Misoya 미소야 Menu Udon 우동

It was a done deal after seeing udon on the menu for only 4500 won. It came with enoki mushrooms, a fish cake, some tempura bits, and chopped green onions. The quantity wasn’t terribly large and the toppings weren’t exactly generous, but it was fairly well put together. The noodles had a decent chewiness to them, but I was in it for the broth.

Misoya 미소야 Menu Udon Closeup 우동
Chewy udon noodles. Not the chewiest, but decent enough.

The broth was pretty much what I had expected from a Japanese restaurant. It was a dashi-based broth with a subtle, but flavorful soy sauce base. I drank the whole bowl! While a bit weaker than what I was used to, I enjoyed it whole-heartedly.

Sushi 11 pieces (생선초밥 11개) – 9000 won

Misoya 미소야 Menu Sushi 수시
The colors are pretty pale and the display was pretty lacking.

The variety of sushi was a bit different from the picture. I think they use whatever they have in stock. Somewhere along the way the sushi on the right top corner got knocked over which left the presentation with much to be desired. I could make a better display from a sushi buffet.

Misoya 미소야 Menu Sushi 수시 2
Imitation crab sushi.

The sushi wasn’t the best, but I would say it is somewhat better than department store sushi. The rice didn’t hold up together very well, so it fell apart easily when dipping into soy sauce.

Misoya 미소야 Menu Sushi 3 수시
Some sort of fish I can’t recognize.

I only recommend the sushi if you’re dying to eat sushi. I felt it was average at best.

Misoya 미소야 Menu Sushi 수시 4

My overall impressions are positive and I finally had my urge to eat Japanese noodles satiated. The curries and tonkatsu (pork cutlet) look very promising and I’ll have to try that next time!


Author: Ryan Mar

Just a guy simply making the most with life abroad. Love travel, photography, food, and just enjoying life. Currently blogging about beautiful places in Seoul, Korea, along with food, culture, and observations at findingtheseoul.com.

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