Restaurants in Seoul: 호야즉석떡볶이(Hoya Quick Tteokbokki)

If you like tteokbokki (떡볶이), but want to spice it up with different flavors and ingredients, give Hoya (호야즉석떡볶이) a try! Hoya lets you customize your tteokbokki and cook it right in front of you in a hotpot. You can find this place near Sinchon Station (신촌역) by walking out of exit 3 towards the Uplex. It is literally across the street from the popular red tube structure.

Hoya tteokbokki Map

호야즉석떡볶이 entrance


호야즉석떡볶이 interior
Simple, chic basement setting.

Being a basement restaurant, it feels a bit like Ojju (오쭈) in Gangnam but more crowded without any partitions. The benefit is they can accommodate many people in a relatively small space. You get a little makeshift burner that is permanently fixed on the table. I found it comfortable enough.


호야즉석떡볶이 menu

You start off by picking which flavor of tteokbokki you feel like, such as original, 짜장 (black bean sauce mixed with pepper sauce), curry, seafood, pork, or “everything”. You can then add additional ingredients (사리류) such as ramen, extra fish cakes,vegetables, extra rice cakes (떡), ham, and cheese. 튀김류 are fried items you can mix. Lastly, you can choose to stir fry (볶음밥) rice into the leftovers.

Regular tteokbokki (즉석떡볶이) – 4000 won

호야즉석떡볶이 before cooking

Had two orders, which was a reasonably large quantity. It comes with shredded cabbage and carrots, fish cake (오뎅), and of course tteok (떡). We had an added ramen (1000 won), a side of cheese (2000 won), fried mandu (1000 won), and fried seaweed rice roll (김말이).

호야즉석떡볶이 fried rice stick
Close up of the seaweed rice roll (김말이).


호야즉석떡볶이 fried dumpling 만두
Fried dumpling (아끼만두) – 1000 won. It was mostly air inside and some yam noodle.

The preserve the crispiness in the fried mandu, you should add it the soup last minute.To be honest I was a little bit disappointed with the filling in it, but the texture it added was nice.

호야즉석떡볶이 치즈 cheese
Cheese 치즈 – 2000 won. Not a whole lot, but cheese is worth more than gold in Korea unfortunately.

The cheese addition for 2000 won and pretty small. You couldn’t really taste it unless you left all the cheese in one spot to melt. You probably need to add about 2 orders to 2 orders of tteokbokki to make any significant difference.


호야즉석떡볶이 cooking
Cooking in progress.


They use the skinny rice cakes, which are less chewy and more noodle-like than the fat kind. I’m not terribly fond of it, but to each their own. I suspect we didn’t cook it down enough because the sauce tasted a bit bland.

호야즉석떡볶이 dish

Corn Stir Fry Rice (옥수수콘볶음밥) – 2000 won

호야즉석떡볶이 corn friend rice

호야즉석떡볶이 corn fried rice 옥수수 볶음밥

We had the additional corn stir fry rice (옥수수콘볶음밥) added after finishing off everything. The corn rice has a nice sweetness and the rice absorbed the sauce and made it easier to perceive the flavor. This was definitely worth adding, especially compared to the cheese.

The food didn’t really suit my preferences, but this place is a decent choice for someone wanting to try tteokbokki in a different manner. I somewhat regret not choosing a more adventurous flavor. If I ever get the chance, I will go for the curry flavor next. If I’m looking for more traditional tteokbokki, I’d rather get it at a street stall, Jaws, or make it myself.


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