Seoul Photos: Yanghwa Bridge (양화대교)

With the enormous Han River (한강) slicing Seoul in half, the city built a series of 27 bridges to help traffic cross it. Being a cityscape photographer, I had to get my share of bridge photos. I especially like beautiful bridges combined with a reflection and an interesting skyline in the background. The first bridge I decided to go to was the Yanghwa Bridge (양화대교) because it was on the way to Hapjeong (합정) where I was meeting a friend.

Get off either Dangsan (당산) or Hapjeong (합정) and walk in the direction towards the bridge.
Get off either Dangsan (당산) or Hapjeong (합정) and walk in the direction towards the bridge.

Yanghwa Bridge_2

Truthfully, the bridge felt a little uninspiring with the arches in the center of the bridge being the only exception. The rest of the bridge was pretty typical and plain looking. However, this bridge is unique in that it has two Coffine Gurunarus on the south side and connects to the Seonyudo Island Park (선유도공원) at the center.

Yanghwa Bridge_1080

Walking across the bridge isn’t far at all, and you can see the line 2 cross the river on the East side and the much more beautiful Seongsan Bridge (성산대교) from the West. It’s definitely worth a visit to check out all the photo opportunities here!

Yangha Bridge Assembly Building
You can see Korea National Assembly Building (국회의 사당) as well.



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