A New Beginning

Hi guys,

Thanks for coming to my site! My name is Ryan and I’m a 25 or so old guy just in search of exciting experiences abroad in Korea. Four years ago, I studied abroad there for 6 months at Yonsei University (연세대학교) and enjoyed it so much that I still had withdrawal symptoms throughout my whole time back at home. After doing 1 year of marketing for a startup company, I decided to go back to the other side of the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco and try my hand at living in Seoul.  With a little cash and the ever impending feeling of myself growing too old to do anything exciting, I decided to drop everything and just go for it. I will be pursuing marketing opportunities for South Korean companies that want to improve their English presence. I also started pursuing photography during my last visit in Seoul, so it’s only natural that I would return and try to bring you the best of Korea’s beauty through photography. I will keep you posted with places I visited and all the food (mostly budget because I’m broke lol) I eat, along with any cultural oddities and other interesting things I come across in Korea!

Thanks for visiting!

Here’s some of my photos from my first visit to enjoy in the meantime:

Banpbo Bridge (반포대고) at night
Banpbo Bridge (반포대고) at night


The Plaza
The Plaza

And a generic obligatory shot from inside the plane:


I’ll keep you guys posted!



Author: Ryan Mar

Just a guy simply making the most with life abroad. Love travel, photography, food, and just enjoying life. Currently blogging about beautiful places in Seoul, Korea, along with food, culture, and observations at findingtheseoul.com.

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