Photos in Korea: Uijeongbu (의정부)

Went to my friend’s hometown, Uijeongbu (의정부), which is a city pretty far north in South Korea. Uijeongbu is the home of Budae Jjigae and has a very nice mix of rural and sprawling urban areas. I started my trip off at Hoeryong Station (회룡역) and walked towards some rural areas toward the mountains.

hoeryong and rural uijeongbu


Nostalgic Tracks
On my way to Uijeongbu from Seoul on Line 1.
Ice block
That’s not a rock, it’s a huge block of ice that formed on the street.


Lots of this around this area.
Uijeongbu Toilet Shack
This toilet(?) has its own address.
Uijeongbu toilet inside
Lovely luxury toilet.
Uijeongbu Driveways
Pretty interesting driveways over a dry creek.


A corridor under the freeway.     _MG_7563

Once I walked further north, I took the next available corridor to head towards the downtown area (시내). There were plenty of stores that would rival any area in Seoul and there was even a really cool marketplace that I will share in another blog soon!

City area uijeongbu

Uijeongbu Art Museum (의정부예술의전당)
Uijeongbu Art Museum (의정부예술의전당) The first recognizable building once you walk down the northern corridor.
Uijeongbu 의정부 building weird
Seattle and Mickey Mouse. Quite possibly the most random building ever.
Skyline GTR
A car cult classic.


의정부 lamposts uijeongbu
Cool lamposts

I’ll update this posts as I make more visits to Uijeongbu! There really are a lot of cool things that I didn’t get to shoot. If you need help in getting to any of these areas just drop a note in the comments below!


Author: Ryan Mar

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  1. 안녕! I lived in Korea for three years. I followed your blog so I don’t miss Korea as much. 🙂 I also plan to visit again and I will check out your travel tips for places I haven’t been to.

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