Restaurants in Seoul: Chakhan Dweji (착한돼지) Korean BBQ BuffetT

In the mood to pig out and eat ridiculous amounts of Korean barbecue? Check out Chakhan Dweji (착한돼지) which means “Friendly Pig”. The pigs are so “friendly” that they’ll let you eat them and all their friends! Like most Korean bbq buffets, there’s a whole range of various meat parts and side dishes for an affordable 10,900 won (9,900 won for lunch). I went to the location in Sinchon (신촌) which is a short walk from exit 3 from the line 2 Sinchon Station(신촌역).

chakhan pig map




The restaurant is on the 2nd floor and has reasonable seating and an efficient layout. The interior was pretty nice and the food was displayed elegantly as well. The one gripe I had was their booths felt really cramped, especially when my 6’4″ friend was sitting next to me. The grill also took too large of a portion of the table, so it was very hard to arrange the dishes. They use an electric heating element for the grill.

Although they didn’t have beef, they had all the cuts of pork you could want. The quality of the meat was pretty good too. They also had seafood, including shrimp and fishballs. Their selection of vegetables was very beautiful and vibrant, especially their lettuce leaves that you can use as a wrap.


You can’t go wrong with pork belly (삼겹살) grilled with garlic.

For the cooked items, they had tteokbokki, fried chicken, fried pork, takoyaki, and other goodies. I highly recommend the fried chicken as it wasn’t over battered and had a nice crispiness to it.

This is how Koreans like to eat their chicken.



Trying a little bit of everything. The lettuce was so tasty.



Couple of salads and fruits.


This place definitely covers all bases and leaves you with a complete fulfilling meal. They have a nice variety of fresh, beautiful ingredients. It was a pretty satisfying place, but like with all Korean BBQ, be prepared to have that smell linger with you well after eating. To search for more locations, you can use the keyword “착한돼지” to find the location closest to you!




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