Seoul Photos: Shindaebang Station (신대방역)

I decided to check this station out since it would be my home for the time being. Shindaebang Station is a mix of markets, street stalls, and a somewhat antiquated attempt in making a modern train station. Built on top of the Dorim Creek (도림천), it expresses a huge amount of depth and is a great subject for any urban type photographer. Time hasn’t been too kind on this place over the years, but that adds to its character. There are so many layers with a subway, over a freeway, over a bridge filled with food tents, over a park, over a creek.

So many things going on!
So many things going on!

Like most creeks and rivers in Seoul, there is a recreational park with a bike path that runs along the whole creek, exercise equipment, and basketball courts. I really appreciate the city planning that goes into these parks because they are a great use of otherwise empty space.

There are warnings during typhoons as the place does flood.
There are warnings during typhoons as the place does flood.
Lots of bike parking, you can walk down to the park area. There’s a surprise between these trees as explained below.
Quite a common sight in Korea, they have ramps along staircases to more conveniently use your bike.


There are foot bridges for you to cross the stream.

Basketball and badminton courts under a freeway! Very cool use of space.
There’s even a clock in case you lose track of the time!
Not sure what's going on here...
Not sure what’s going on here…
Feels like what the future felt like in the 70s.
Feels like what the future felt like in the 70s.
Plenty of road to bike on!

Above the street, further West from the station, you can find a foot bridge that puts you above the freeway. You can take awesome freeway photos here and cross the creek to the other side as well.

Love these type of shots.
Love these type of shots.

A note for those that suffer from arachnophobia out there. I was walking down from the footbridge when a gigantic spider crossed my eye. It was a huge, vividly yellow spider with strange proportions. It was easily over an inch and the elongated body of the thing made it seem far larger. I had fun filming the guy because I was honestly quite repulsed and intrigued by it at the same time. I later learned it was a jorou spider. As I walked home, I began to notice that there was one equally as big for every other tree I came across. I was quite shocked to see how something so big, could hide from my sight for so long! Now that it’s fall, it seems most of them are gone now, but do expect them during the summer!

Repulsive and captivating at the same time. That’s a honey bee for comparison.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so I also made a video:

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this place. Although it’s not the prettiest of places, it does have a lot of shooting opportunities! Be sure to check out more photospots in Seoul here!


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