Seoul International Fireworks Festival (서울세계꽃축제)

I went to the Seoul International Fireworks Festival yesterday. I went there 4 years ago with a bunch of friends and had a lot of fun, so this time I decided to go there and take some pictures. As expected, the turnout was insane and just heading out of the station felt like an evacuation after a North Korean attack.

I got off of the Yeoinaru Station (여의나루역) on Line 5 and got out of exit #2. I ended up going across the Mapo Bridge (마포대교) because I thought I’d get a decent view of the action. at the middle of the bridge was a good vantage, but I wanted to get a different kind of shot with some interesting foreground in the mix.

63 Building
The 63 building before the festival. I probably should’ve camped out here instead of my eventual destination.

Unfortunately, the spot I went to wasn’t quite good for showing the fireworks and there was a fairly long 5+ minute pause, which convinced me to just leave. I feel like there shouldn’t be any overly long pause when shooting fireworks, especially if you’re going to call it an international show. There were a lot of food vendors and police, so I can’t really complain about the organization of the event. Next time, I’ll be a bit more patient as I did hear it picked up quite a bit after I left and choose a more generic spot!

Yeoido Fireworks 여의도 꽃불
This was the spot I ultimately decided on, but unfortunately the fireworks weren’t very prominent 😦

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